Store energy when it is cheap and use it when prices are high
Lower energy costs. Gain control and flexibility. Reduce carbon emissions. Improve site resiliency.
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Lower energy costs by maximising consumption of cheap solar

Lower energy costs by avoiding peak electricity charges

Reduce carbon emissions by maximising solar use and reducing grid reliance

Gain control and flexibility over energy use by demand shifting

Earn money from Transmission and Distribution network flexibility schemes

Improve site resiliency with some storage providing emergency back-up power

business storage - comprehensive

Comprehensive Storage Solution

Our solution includes advice, surveys, design, civil works, installation, connection and commissioning of proven technology.

business storage - flexibl design

Flexible Design & Installation

Modular, scalable storage capacity that can be extended throughout its lifetime. Takes up limited floor space. Deploy indoor or outdoor.

business energy storage - robust warranty

Robust Warranty & Safety

Protect your return on investment with 10-20 year service life, 10-year warranty as well as safety measures at cell, module, rack and system level.

Businessman analyze digital reports on screen monitor and preparing financial report for investors. Close up view of male manager sitting at desktop and monitoring statistics on monitor

Smart Controls

Automatically control optimal charge and discharge cycles. Monitor state of charge, voltage and temperature.

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