Smart electric vehicle charging for your business
Inyo deploys a range of intelligent, reliable, easy to use commercial charging solutions compatible with all major electric vehicle brands and eligible for the OLEV grant.
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Increase employee satisfaction

Could be eligible for OLEV grant of up to £500 per charging socket

Achieve sustainability targets

Experienced City and Guild-qualified installation

Attract and retain the best talent

Establish your brand as a green leader

We provide a range of different power ratings to suit your electric supply, a range of colours and all with connectivity to enable a range of smart charging features.

Business EV - std


  • 4-8 hours for full charge of a battery electric vehicle
  • 3.7kW on a single-phase supply
  • 11kW on a three-phase supply

Socket for electrical car battery charger with load indicator lights. Electric car charging station for charging modern electric car which are the future of the Automobile.


  • 2-6 hours for full charge of a battery electric vehicle
  • 7.4kW on a single-phase supply
  • 22kW on a three-phase supply

Business EV - rapid


  • 30-50 minutes for 0-80% charge of a battery electric vehicle
  • 43-50kW on a three-phase supply

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OLEV Grant Eligibility Checklist

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