Store energy to use when you need it most
Save money. Reduce your carbon emissions. Increase your independence from the grid. All from home energy storage.
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Save money by using stored low-cost solar or grid energy during peak times

Reduce your carbon emissions by using more clean solar

Increase independence with less exposure to inflexible utility pricing

Safe, reliable and tested to national and international standards

Some storage can provide back-up in a power cut

Off-grid power reducing reliance on fossil fuel generators

home storage - smart controls

Smart Controls

Visualise home energy flows, control safe operation of the battery and access remote upgrades.

Long life & warranty

Long Cycle Life & Warranty

The storage solutions Inyo installs have 15-20 years life expectancy, 5,000-10,000 cycle warranty and 5-10 year performance warranty.


Compact Sizing

High energy density Lithium-ion storage reduces floor space. Wall or floor mounted. Deploy indoor or outdoor.


Scalable & Flexible

Inyo offers AC, DC and hybrid battery storage solutions to suit your requirements. Lead acid and lithium-ion. Modular solutions allowing you to add capacity throughout their lifetime.

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