Generate your own low-cost electricity from solar panels
Predictable energy costs. Healthy return on investment. Reduce your carbon emissions.
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Increase predictability of your energy costs

Generate a healthy return on investment from energy savings and export payments

Reduce your carbon emissions by using clean solar energy

Attract more customers and talent with improved Corporate Social Responsibility

Be paid for what you don’t use with the Smart Export Guarantee

Achieve sustainability targets

Std or optimised


Inyo deploys solar with power trackers that maximise use of available sunlight. Tailored to fit budget, application and requirements.



Improve your bottom line with optimisers that increase the energy produced by each panel. Ideal for installing solar in partially shaded areas.


Roof Mount & Ground Mount

Use space on your roof or ground to generate your own electricity. Inyo installs poly and monocrystalline solar panels to virtually any type of commercial roof or ground with a market-leading mounting system.

All in one

All-in-one Solution

Add electric vehicle charging, energy storage and identify further energy savings with an energy map of your building.

Fund your solar with one of our financial solutions.

Capital Purchase

Asset Finance

Power Purchase Agreement

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