Store energy to use when you need it most.

Save money. Reduce your carbon emissions. Increase your independence from the grid. All from solar battery storage.


Save money by storing low-cost solar or grid electricity

Reduce your carbon emissions by using clean solar energy

Get more energy independence

Enjoy peace of mind with long warranties.

Back-up essential circuits in a power cut

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels when going off-grid.

Solar battery.

Flexible Installation

Integrate your solar battery storage with new solar panels. Add to existing solar panels. AC-coupled or hybrid. Wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Composite or packaged all-in-one. Modular designs to add more solar storage batteries easily.

Wall mounted solar battery in a garage.

Safe and Reliable

Inyo works with the likes of GivEnergy, Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge and Sonnen. Solar batteries tested to national and international safety standards. 10-20 year service life. Get peace of mind with a 5-10 year warranty.

Depiction of a house with solar panels on the roof.

Realtime Solar Battery Monitoring

Monitor system operation and savings. Visualise home battery energy flows. Control safe operation of your battery storage for solar panels. Access remote upgrades.

Wall mounted solar battery.

Backup Your Essential Circuits

Seamless backup from selected batteries for solar panels to power your essential functions, such as keeping the lights on or running your refrigerator.