Reduce your electricity bill with low-cost solar energy.

Solar Panel Installation: An affordable home improvement that lowers your carbon emissions.


Save money on your electricity bill

Get paid for solar energy you export

Reduce your carbon emissions

Protect yourself from rising electricity costs

Get peace of mind with our
25-year solar panel warranty

Low maintenance costs

High power solar panels.

High Power Solar Panels

As solar panel installers we offer efficient, reliable monocrystalline solar panels for home from Tier 1 manufacturers. White backsheet or all blacks. 25-year performance warranty.

Solar energy converters.

Efficient Conversion

Maximise available sunlight by using a string inverter with power trackers to suit your home solar panels and budget. Increase your earnings and solar energy production with solar power optimisers.

In roof and on roof solar panels.

On-Roof or In-Roof Home Solar Panels

Our solar panels can be attached to virtually any roof structure, or the ground, with a market-leading mounting system. Maximise your home’s kerb appeal with in-roof solar panels that replace your existing slates or tiles.

Solar installation accessory.


Heat water in your cylinder with surplus solar energy using an immersion switch. Protect your solar installation investment with bird exclusion mesh. Add an ev charger or solar battery.

Data visualization for monitoring of energy usage.

Monitor Energy from Your Solar Panels

Access real-time insight into your energy consumption and production. Maximize your savings by optimizing your consumption behaviour. All from a user-friendly, easy to read app.