Enjoy a cup of tea made with energy from the sun
Solar: Affordable home improvement solution that protects you from uncertain electricity costs.
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Save money on your electricity bill

Be paid for energy you export with the Smart Export Guarantee

Reduce your carbon emissions by using clean solar energy

Sustainable solution generating energy from the sun

Peace of mind with warranties of up to 25 years

Low maintenance costs

roof mount ground mount

Mount on your roof or ground

Your choice of solar panels fixed to virtually any roof or the ground with a market-leading mounting system.

in roof whole roof

In Roof & Whole Roof

Maximise your home’s kerb appeal with inlaid solar panels that replace your slates or tiles. A great choice when building a new roof or refurbishing an existing one.

On roof


Inyo installs solar with power trackers that maximise use of the available sunlight to suit application and budgets.

Std or Optimised


Increase your earnings and lifetime energy production by adding optimisers to your array. A great solution for solar in partially shaded areas.

Control and Save

Inyo’s monitoring solutions enable savings through access to real-time insight and control over energy consumption and production – all from a user friendly, easy to read app.

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