Warmth. Comfort. From an Air Source Heat Pump.

Air Source Heat Pumps are an Efficient, Low Carbon Alternative to Fossil Fuel Boilers

Save up to 50% on your heating bill.

Earn money from the Boiler Upgrade scheme.

Efficient: Get 3-5kWh of heat out for every 1kWh energy you put in

Heating and hot water down to -20C outside

Low noise producing the same sound as a library

Sustainable heating using heat from the air or ground

Ecodan heat pump.

Sized for Your Home

Inyo completes room-by-room home heat calculations to size an air source heat pump for your home and heat emitters. Comply with planning with an MCS noise assessment.

Heat pump.

Leading Manufacturers

Use heat from the air and electrical energy to provide your space heating and hot water. Inyo installs a range of air source heat pumps from leading manufacturers to suit your requirements.

Hot water cylinder.

Cylinders for Air Source Heat Pumps

Fast hot water heating times. Plumbed or pre-plumbed. Vertical or horizontal. Short or Slimline. Choose from a range of hot water cylinders or thermal stores — all designed to work with air source heat pumps.

Renewable energy controls.

Smart Controls

Control heating and hot water from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Remote fault diagnosis. Automatically adjust your heating based on outside air temperature.

Ecodan heat pump.

Plumbing and Electrical Installation

Inyo connects into your plumbing to ensure you have heat and hot water. Inyo installs new power supplies to power your air source heat pump. Connect to a new or existing consumer unit. Add concrete bases and redecorating.

Heat pump accessories.

Accessories for Heat Pumps

Maintain and protect your central heating with a MagnaCleanse system flush. Add a buffer cylinder. Mount your air source heat pump using wall brackets. Site your heat pump away from the house. Disguise your air source heat pump with guards and vinyl wraps.