Store electricity in a solar battery. Use it when prices are high.

Lower your energy costs. Gain control and flexibility. Reduce carbon emissions. Improve site resiliency.

Lower your energy costs

Increase your solar self-consumption

Reduce your carbon emissions

Gain control of your energy costs

Earn money from network flexibility schemes.

Improve your site resiliency

Electrical cabinet.

End-to-end Service

Featuring experienced energy consultants, designers and installers, Inyo’s battery solutions include advice, survey, design, grid connection application, supply, install, test and commission and support and maintenance.

Floor mounted solar batteries.

Flexible Design & Installation

Modular, scalable storage capacity that can be extended throughout its lifetime. Takes up limited floor space. Deploy indoor or outdoor.

Electrical cabinet.

Safe and Reliable

Batteries for solar panels tested to national and international safety standards. 10-20 year service life. Get peace of mind with a 5-10 year warranty.

Solar energy smart controls shown on a computer and a mobile device.

Smart Controls

Automatically control optimal charge and discharge cycles. Monitor state of charge, voltage, and temperature.